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AI Pantry & Recipe app

How might we create an app to help combat food waste before it

reaches landfills? 

Not-For-Profit Awareness Event

How might we use college sporting events to raise awareness for

Team Enough?

Environmental Package Redesign

How might we redesign the modern cigarette pack to reduce cigarette litter? 

Raising Brand Awareness

How might we design an event that raises brand awareness for Play Henry in the pickleball community? 

More Projects!

From Product Design to User Interface, I Love Making Things That Matter

About Me

I have an eye (and two degrees) for design in both the physical and digital realmsI let my values drive my work ethic and my passions inspire my creativity. 

When I'm not crashing through Adobe Suite, I'm traveling the globe in search of good food and even better coffee (needless to say: I'm open to travel.)

Frequent recipient of the "Most Improved" and "Most Coachable" awards.

Voilà qui je suis

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