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Sustainable Package Design

Eco- Packaging

The goal of the new eco-packaging design is to make it more convenient for cigarette smokers to dispose of their used cigarette butts properly.

This case study presents the process of researching and designing a product that solves an environmental hazard with a innovative solution

Toolkit -

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dimension, TurboSquid

more cigs.jpeg


In 2022, over 77 million pounds of cigarette-butt litter made its way onto the ground and into the US waterways.


Littering is so common that 75% of smokers admit to doing so.

For most people, convenience takes priority when making decisions.


Convenience and brand loyalty were key considerations in designing this new adaptation of the common cigarette cartridge.

New Packaging


With eco-packaging, cigarette butts are contained in their original box, as opposed to being scattered throughout our ecosystem

 In order to redesign an age-old design, I stepped into the mindset of the target audience, asking myself: "How might I make proper cigarette disposal more convenient than improper disposal?"

I settled on a design that allows smokers to return their used cigarettes to the box that is already on their person while also incorporating safety features so that they are not burned. Most smokers have their cartons in an easily accessible place; this design capitalises upon that.

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 10.14.49 PM.png

While still keeping the original rectangular shape, the new packaging will be made from flame-resistant material.

Used cigarettes are inserted through kevlar-like mesh and drop into the new chamber.

The bottom of the pack will contain deodorizing sand to extinguish used cigarettes and cover the scent, similar to an ashtray.​



cig sketch.png

Original design

turbo logo.webp

In order to visualize this design, I downloaded a 3D cigarette box template from TurboSquid and imported it into Adobe Dimension. Once in Dimension, I added the new disposal element and different textures to the box to replicate a real-life rendering. I then exported the 3D rendering and uploaded it into Photoshop where I added the label to it.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 2.54.37 PM.png

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