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Activation Event

Rivals with a Compromise



Rivals with a Compromise is an awareness event designed for Team Enough to raise awareness for the organization among members of Gen-Z. These events will take place at major NCAA sporting events where attendees will be asked to come together as one and wear purple in solidarity.

This case study presents the process of creating and strategically developing a large public event.

Team -

UX Designer - Alexandra Abbott

Art Directors - Cat Clark & Tamari Tupponce

Brand Manager - Sarah Hipwell

Copywriter - Selma Kettwich

Strategist - Derek Martin



With more than 42,000 people dying of gun-related violence every year, those born into Generation Z are becoming increasingly apathetic towards it.

Gen-Z is tired of the thousands of deaths, but after years of feeling like their efforts and voices don't matter,

they're growing numb and indifferent.

Team Enough has set out to give a voice to those who feel unheard,
and they came to us for a way to increase their reach.


Reach a larger amount of Gen-Z (and others) where they are to show them that change is possible through compromise.

Our strategy for Team Enough was to speak to Gen-Z's rebellious nature by promoting the idea that the ultimate rebellion is compromise.

Progress on gun-safety is often a painfully slow process due to the clash of political parties. Often times even when someone knows that their view isn't the best option, they continue to push it because they don't want the other side to "win."

But where is one place where you WANT to be in the same room as your opponent?

Sporting events.

Introducing: Rivals with a Compromise.

Rivals with a Compromise is a sporting event takeover led by Team Enough. These takeovers will take place at NCAA universities that have been affected by gun violence such as

Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia.

Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 7.55.18 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 8.00.23 PM.png

During the football season's largest rivalry games, spectators will be asked to wear purple, a color that can only be made by bringing together red and blue. By wearing purple instead of their team's colors, participants show their support for gun safety while also raising visibility for Team Enough and its mission.

While the purple attire will be symbolic of Team Enough and its mission, we also designed a Team Enough hotdog stand that will also appear at these games.


In the spirit of compromise and teamwork, our hotdog stand will encourage customers to work together in order to receive their hot dog toppings. If someone wants ketchup, then they will have to find someone that wants mustard in order to activate the dispensers.

We chose to only provide two topping options as another symbol of how Team Enough brings divisive sides together through compromise and teamwork.

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