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AI Pantry Inventory & Recipe App


The Sous app is a new way to visualize your personal ingredient inventory and minimize your food waste. My team and I were tasked with creating a product that combats a current issue in the world in a creative way.

This case study presents the process of creating and developing an app that solves an age-old problem with a futuristic solution.

Team -

UX/UI Designer - Alexandra Abbott

Art Director - Athena Michaels

Copywriter - Selma Kettwich

Toolkit -

Adobe CS, Figma

high-definition image of partially rotte


In the US alone, over 80 million tons of food go to waste every year, making it one of the largest methane producers in

our landfills.

If we know food waste is bad, and we feel guilty doing it, why does it still happen?

Studies show that people skip over the food they have because it's expired, they forget about it, or they're tempted by something new.

This is where Sous comes in...

App Interface

sous screens.png


An AI-integrated pantry inventory and recipe-generating app

We created Sous to help minimize food waste and maximize the user's culinary palette by incorporating ingredients

they already own. By creating an account with Sous, each pantry on the app is completely unique to the user.

Log into your account and make Sous personal to you!


Enter dietary restrictions and the amount of people joining you for meals.


Once scanned, Sous loads your items into your digital pantry where you can select what you want to use in your recipe.

(Pro Tip: Enter expiration dates for your items and Sous will prioritize them in recipes!)

Scan your groceries using Sous' AI image recognition software.

Sous will prompt you to rescan or manually enter any unknown items.


Swipe right to save a recipe, left to get rid of it.


The most compatible with your pantry are displayed first!


Missing an


Add it to your "list"...


and choose a local grocery store to buy it from!

Sous was also submitted on behalf of the Brandcenter to compete in Fast Company's 2024 Innovation and Design competition.

Check out our submission video!

Thank You!

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