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Sous - UI Design

With food being the largest methane producer in U.S. landfills, it is obvious that current efforts are not enough. With our app, Sous, users can utilize AI image recognition technology to make the most out of their kitchen inventory and generate recipes they may not have thought of.




Rivals with a Compromise - Experience Design

With gun violence at an all-time high, the youth at Brady are tired of feeling voiceless especially when the threat is towards them. After forming a sister organization under the name "Team Enough," the students turned to Brandcenter as a live-client for a campaign and activation event that would help gain more Gen Z support.


Eco-Packaging - 2D/3D Design

For most people, convenience takes priority in decision-making, and unfortunately, that applies when deciding whether or not to litter as well. With cigarette butts being a toxic leader in ecosystems worldwide, this new package design seeks to make proper disposal more convenient and snuff out littering habits.


play henry logo.png



Play Henry - Experience Design

From court to cocktail, Play Henry is your up-and-coming brand for all things pickleball. Founded by two Darden alumni, Play Henry reached out as a live client looking to rebrand and stand out in the pickleball community for their paddles and apparel that seamlessly transition from on and off the court.


Spirit Airlines - Art Direction

spirit logogogogo.png

Known for its bold yellow and black color scheme and crude advertising, the budget airline company Spirit doesn't always come across as the safest means of travel. By taking a "that's the spirit" attitude and emphasizing how budget travel saves you money for your trip, this new ad campaign speaks to travel enthusiasts and money savers alike.


Bumble - Art Direction


When it comes to dating apps, it's easy to give up and delete your profile after a negative experience, and Bumble is no exception to this. With honey imagery and punchy copy, this ad campaign encourages users to "stick" with Bumble through the highs and lows.

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